Shipping is available.. please call for details!
Click link for an 11/26/2017 updated list of available birds:
>Birds for Sale Fall 2017
Mature birds, when available:
Males and Hens  $100 $75 -55 for Fall 2017

Pairs  $150
July - August:
Sex Undetermined Young $55
(3 or more $45 each)

September - November:
Sex Undetermined Young $55
Males and Hens  $75 or as noted with individual bird

(3 or more less $10 each bird)
(sex not guaranteed, but I will only sell sexed birds that I am very sure of!)
I will ship ASAP after payment, as weather permits.
First come, first served.  No reservations.

Shipping is a flat rate of $60, to any address in continental USA.
** Special Montana shipping rate of $45 to addresses within Montana. **

I have shipped as close as within Montana and Colorado, and as far as West Virginia!
We do need settled weather here and where you live!
If you have special requests or questions, please ask!!!!!
Here are a few 'group' shots of the birds in my birdroom.

 "Oh, it's so nice to get up in the morning!"
--- singing in the morning sunshine