Updated 12/20/2017
No birds for sale in remainder of 2017.
Sales will resume with pairs for sale
beginning in late February 2018.

I will be selling approximately 12 pairs in the spring,
beginning sometime late February 2018.
I had so many nice ones in this year's hatches, I just have to watch them over the next two months!!! :)
I have kept 34 youngsters for myself!   Combined with my best adults, they will bring my total to over 40 pairs by breeding season in 2018.
It will be hard to decide which ones to keep, BUT I cannot keep that many.  So, I will be offering pairs for sale next year.  I will add their photos and descriptions to the Sales Page in several months.
Stay tuned!

I will ship ASAP after payment, as weather permits.
First come, first served.  No reservations.

Shipping is a flat rate of $60, to any address in continental USA.
** Special Montana shipping rate of $45 to addresses within Montana. **

I have shipped as close as within Montana and Colorado, and as far as West Virginia!
We do need settled weather here and where you live!
If you have special requests or questions, please ask!!!!!