March 13, 2017

Only Males left for sale.

Two yellow males for sale!
I am sold out of all other birds....
until I begin to offer youngsters in June/July.
I am just beginning to cage my pairs, and had too many for the cages in my bird room, so I am offering five pair from among my personal 2017 plans for sale here!
Spring Sale TERMS:
$200 each pair, not including shipping.
Prices Non-Negotiable!
Sold only as a pair.

Offered FOR SALE only until March 26th!
These are now coming into breeding condition, as I have held them at natural day length and cooler temps.  They have been among my own breeders, as I intended to keep them.They have NOT been used for breeding this year!
I will ship ASAP after payment, as weather permits. I cannot 'hold' them for any extended time, as they are 'thinking spring'!
First come, first served.  No reservations.

There are individual males for sale at the bottom of the page, which are not part of the Spring Sale.